King Saan Juun - 健身院

In 2008, saturday the 6th of september at 13:30, our kung-fu school in Hasselt officially opened its doors. We were the first school actively engaged in traditional Chinese southern kung-fu, dragon, unicorn and lion dance in Limburg. With the blessings of his masters, the guidance of his father and the support of his wife, Yip Wai-Lam fulfilled his childhood dream by becoming officially a true traditional kung fu master (even becoming a master, we are stil all students) It took a lot of hard training, work, sweat, tears and blood all those years to finally receive his masters approval..which was all worth. After that he chose to take the risk and open a kung fu school in the capital of Limburg. Even though so many questions ran through his mind. Would there be interest in the art of traditional Chinese Kung Fu? Dedication and perseverance? And, above all,...would it be possible to maintain the Chinese kung fu mind-set? After, within only a few months, King Saan Juun had allready 15 official students! We trained at first in a small modest venue, decorated with traditional kung-fu weapons, frameworks and lion heads. Now, almost 9 years later Sifu Yip Wai-Lam is very proud to say that his ambition still grows together with his kung fu school and beloved students. The name of our school "King Saan Juun" is not only spreading in and outside Limburg, but also abroad. Establishing sub schools in England, Netherlands, Germany and Greece our future looks brighter than ever. It is Yip Sifu's task as official heir, lineage head, protector and keeper to set certain things straight from the past as for the future, recognised by one of his famous Si Gung's Wong Ming and other kung fu elders from our style living in America, England and Hong Kong. We are an association, a school, a kung fu family and...a pai.