unicorn dance - 麒麟

In the autumn of 1997, Yip Wai-lam had the privilege to learn the traditional Chinese Hakka unicorn dance from the kung fu elders living in the United Kingdom (Manchester). Returning back home, he shared his knowledge with his kung fu brothers and sisters, bringing life to the unicorn in Belgium (Antwerp). From that time, even till now a lot of people had the chance to learn this wonderfull art because of his dedication to it. Even after 19 years Sifu Yip Wai-lam still moves the unicorn like he did in his younger age..powerfull mimic, fast speed and light footwork what brings it to life. Therefor Sifu Yip Wai-Lam is considered to be the head captain of the Hakka unicorn dance of his generation in whole Belgium.

lion dance- 舞獅

Aside from learning the dynamic power of choi lee fat kung fu, Yip Wai-lam also received the full knowledge of the traditional and modern art of Chinese lion and dragon dance from one of his famous masters named Wong Man Sun. Learning all the tradtional patterns such as : searching the snake, seven stars around the moon, 5 poisonous venoms but also the modern poles! Wong Man Sun, a well known, honest and respected master in the Chinese kung fu community. Who has rich experience in this art, joining several competitions in Europe and overboard seas ending highly with his lion dance students. Now Yip Wai-lam still continues to spread this wonderfull art of liondance that he had gained from his master through cultural events and nightlife perfomances. Unfortunately there are many copycats and like my master always say... " no no no, its not like that! "